“We¬†are proud to be a part of the caring team at Indiana Fertility Institute. We look forward to meeting you and helping you realize your dream of growing your family.” – Meredith Provost, MD, PhD and John Jarrett, MD

Family with newborn

Indiana Fertility Institute reproductive medicine was founded July 1, 2005 by 15 former members of Midwest Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Jarrett was the driving force behind Midwest Reproductive Medicine. This change gave us the opportunity to offer patients the very best, personalized care in a professional and caring atmosphere with the best success rates possible. We are the premiere source for fertility care, and will continue to offer the complete range of services from early evaluation to the most sophisticated ART procedures.

Our Mission

We will be the premiere source for fertility treatment and related services. We will provide a level of care that is unsurpassed in its compassion and success. We will treat every couple as individuals – with respect, compassion, and understanding.

Our Vision

Indiana Fertility Institute reproductive medicine will establish a new benchmark for fertility treatment. We will be The Model for fertility treatment programs. We will achieve success when others can not. We will be the best.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every individual, and every couple, has a story, and we will listen to and understand what each couple has to say. We will then help that couple truly understand their treatment options. It is our job to help every couple understand fully their problems, their treatment options, and their chances of success. Having done this, it is the couple’s job to let us know what treatment option they wish to pursue. As a team, the couple and the physician will map our their approach. We will offer these services in a professional yet relaxed, caring, and individualized fashion. We will keep treatment as simple as possible, but if it must be complex, we will do it the best.