Our team strives to treat everyone with professional courtesy, compassion, and kindness, and we are thrilled to hear that patients are benefiting from our mission. We love to get feedback about the services we provide and wanted to share the following stories with visitors to our website. With couples having delivered almost ten thousand children with the help of the staff of Indiana Fertility Institute this is a small sample of the letters and photos we receive.

Dear Dr. Jarrett:

When you have a few days to sit down and relax after an IVF transfer, it gives you time to reflect and count your blessings. I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate everything you and your staff has done for us over the past year. Of course, this letter is much easier to write now that we have a positive early result to our cycle, but I was determined to write this letter regardless of our results.

Every single member of your team has been amazing to work with throughout our journey. I just wanted to point out a few examples of exemplary service and professionalism that I don’t want to go unrecognized.

  • Michelle and Lisa at the Southside office are the warmest, kindest nurses that have ever taken care of me. They answered countless phone calls and questions from me throughout the cycle, and were always patient, caring, and knowledgeable.
  • The other staff at the Southside office is truly wonderful. To be greeted by Diane and Michelle’s smile and friendly face when you walk in for a nerve-wracking visit, is so comforting. Michelle even was so kind as to drive and meet us at a store parking lot when we ran out of needles on a Sunday. I’m forever grateful to her for giving of her personal time for us.
  • The nurses at the north office, even though they didn’t know me personally, immediately treated me like a family member and gave me the best medical care and emotional support imaginable.
  • The commitment of the “behind-the-scenes” staff was very apparent, when there were countless phone calls exchanged with the biologist and nurses to determine the best way to collect a sample with my husband’s strange work schedule. It was clear that they wanted to do everything possible to make our cycle successful, and that made us feel so comforted during our cycle. Jamie was even willing to come into work early at the lab to make things work.
  • And most of all, to you Dr. Jarrett, thank you for making a special point to be present to perform my procedures, even though you were already scheduled to be on vacation on those days. I knew I had the best doctor in the mid-west, but to have one that is so committed to his patients is something to be grateful for. We have such confidence in you, and it gave us such piece of mind to know that you were “on our case” Sometimes I think you would become more angry at our failed IUI attempts than we would. I knew you were determined to help us build a family.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for serving your patients the way you do, and for your high level of professionalism, expertise and kindness. Not only are you building families for your patients, but you are also building families among your patients and staff, something that is so comforting for someone going through infertility. Words cannot express how grateful we are, and how much we appreciate each of you.

Dr. Jarrett

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us in order to be able to become pregnant. You are a miracle worker, what a blessing. We look forward to notifying you of the birth of our twins in February.

Thank you again for our miracles.
TJ and NP

Dr. Jarrett,

Thank you so much for helping us during a difficult time. With your knowledge and experience, Rob and I have a beautiful baby girl.

A and RT

Thompson Baby

Dr. Jarrett and staff,

We would like to thank all of you for your time and dedication in helping our dreams come true. Our daughter Addisyn Rose was born on May 24th. She is our little miracle. The joy we are experiencing is indescribable, and we hope and pray other will have the same success.

Thanks again and God bless.
M and LM


Dr. Jarrett and staff,

Thank you so much for taking the time to find the problem and coming up with a solution that worked great for us. The staff was wonderful. They were all so friendly and quick to respond to all of our questions.

Thank you again,
A and JC


Whyatt and Wade


Thanks to Dr. Jarrett and the great staff.

J and KS


My husband Pat and I had an IVF procedure done in October 2006. It was successful. We have two beautiful girls. I just wanted to send a thank you to you and your staff for helping make Abby and Annie possible.

S and PP


Dr. Jarrett and staff,

Thank you so much for all you did tot help bring us this little miracle. We were so blessed to have the IVF procedure work the first time.

God bless.
B and TL


Thanks to all of you. You are the best.

M and BB


Dear Dr. Jarrett,

I don’t know where to start or how to put into words how grateful we are for our second experience with Dr. Jarrett and his staff. Many people don’t understand the emotional and physical path on which infertility takes a couple, but you and your staff are simply amazing at caring so gently for couples. The compassion, nurturing, and support that we have received cannot be matched.

I can’t find words to express the “feeling” that I sense when I enter their office. There is a sense of comfort and security, much like being at home, knowing that the staff is working to help couples reach their dreams and create a family. I have never sensed this feeling in any other office.

It is from the bottom of our hearts that we would like to thank you for everything you have done to reassure us and to help us grow our family. We are sure God has blessed us throughout our fertility journey and has enabled us to be where we need to be, to receive the best care possible, and to have three wonderful children. Thank you for being a part of that experience and for guiding us along the way.

With gratitude and love,
R and DR

Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping us achieve our dream. We cannot express how grateful we are and how much we love our precious daughter Piper.