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Focus on what’s most important - Your Family

Bundl believes that you should feel empowered when building a family, and we know pursuing fertility treatment is not without risk. That’s why Bundl Fertility™ is a trusted partner of Indiana Fertility Institute.

Bundl the Perfect Plan for You

Our treatment plans are designed to be as unique as the individuals and families we serve every day. Bundl offers three core packages you can tailor to your family’s needs, including financial protection. By combining multiple fertility treatments into one package, they can provide you with a reduced, up-front cost. Our industry-first risk protection plans, Success Guard™ and Bundl Guard™, protect your investment by offering full or partial refunds so you can minimize the potential financial burden.

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Making Fertility More Accessible & Flexible

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology reports that often more than one treatment cycle is necessary for successful embryo transfer in more than 70 percent of fertility patients, but most can’t afford multiple treatments. Bundl understands that the fertility journey is constantly evolving, and is ready to help you pursue your dreams.

Lowering the Cost of Fertility Treatment with Bundl™

IVF treatments in the United States can be very costly. The creators of Bundl understand the risk of undergoing fertility treatment- and how daunting the financial burden can be. Why? Not only are the creators of Bundl leading experts in the fertility industry, but have encountered barriers to fertility themselves.

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Here for You on Your Path to Parenthood

We understand navigating the financial cost of fertility treatment can be confusing and stressful, on top of an already emotionally and physically taxing process. Every single Bundl team member, from founder to staff, has been on their own fertility journey. Bundl is the result of our combined personal experiences and expert knowledge—we didn’t see the program we needed out there, so we created it ourselves.