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Get a Discounted Second Opinion About Your Fertility

If you’ve already visited with a fertility specialist in the past and are unsure about the results and recommendations you received, getting a second opinion can be immensely helpful. Meet with one of our certified doctors to gain clarity and peace of mind.

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No Obligation Second Opinions

Are you having second thoughts about a previous visit with a fertility specialist? Do you have concerns about past test results or treatment recommendations? Do you have questions that are still unanswered? You deserve to feel confident about your fertility journey, and we want to help. Contact Indiana Fertility Institute about scheduling a discounted, no-obligation 30-minute second opinion consultation.

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Who Is Eligible for a Second Opinion

If you’ve visited a fertility specialist in the past six months, you’re eligible for a discounted second opinion consultation. We’ll assess your medical and fertility history, including any testing or treatment you’ve undergone thus far. From there, our doctors will provide a fresh perspective on what’s causing your fertility challenges – and options for moving forward.

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Scheduling Your Discounted 2nd Opinion Consultation

To schedule your 30-minute second opinion consultation, simply:

  • Reach out to us at (317) 575-6565
  • Tell us that you’d like to schedule a 30-minute second opinion consultation.
  • Download the medical records release form from our website.
  • Fill the form out and request a copy of your medical records from your previous fertility specialist. It should take about two weeks for you to receive these records.
  • Send us your medical records a minimum of one week before your appointment so your doctors can review them in advance.

Call us if you have questions – otherwise, we’ll see you soon!