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Visit Instructions

Find the answers to your questions about your initial consultations and visits here. For other questions, please contact our office, and we’ll be glad to assist.

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What to Bring to Your First or Second Opinion Consultation

On the day of your appointment, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please complete and bring the following to your appointment:

  • Insurance card and insurance coverage information
  • Driver’s license photo ID
  • Medical record release
  • Insurance co-payment or self-payment


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Receive Instructions on Your Fertility Medications

We know that fertility medications can sometimes cause confusion or anxiety for our patients. Please contact our office at any time if you have specific questions about your medication dosage or administration instructions.

Video tutorials are available for a number of commonly used fertility medications courtesy of Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, which can be accessed by following the link below.

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Sperm Retrieval Procedures

Important Instructions for Semen Collection Visits

It is important to follow these procedures when collecting semen, whether in the office or at home, to avoid any repeat culture testing and unnecessary antibiotics. We recommend you do the following before collecting a sample:

  • Shower and thoroughly clean your genital area prior to the sample collection.
  • Wear clean clothes to prevent bacterial contamination of the sample.
  • Only use the sterile collection cup provided by Indiana Fertility Institute Laboratory (other cups may have been chemically treated, which could affect sperm quality).
  • You MUST refrain from ejaculation for a minimum of 2 full days, but no more than 5 days prior to collection.
  • DO NOT USE any soap, creams, or other lubricants to assist with the collection of the specimen unless provided to you by your Physician or the Laboratory.
  • If you have had a fever or exposure to high temperatures (hot tubs, saunas, etc.) within the last 60 days, please inform your referring Physician before scheduling the appointment.

Note: If you plan to collect at home, please obtain a collection cup from our Laboratory beforehand. With a scheduled appointment, the sample must arrive within an hour of the time of collection with your full name and date of birth on the side of the cup.