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Unique Understanding. Unparalleled Communication.

Indiana Fertility Institute understands the emotional impact fertility can have on a person. We pride ourselves on ensuring patients understand all their fertility options so they can grow their family when they choose to.

Working Together to Achieve a Common Goal.

We recognize that no two fertility journeys are alike. Together, we develop a personalized fertility treatment plan that’s right to achieve successful outcomes and serves each of our patient’s individual needs. 

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Delivering Compassionate Care. Serving Indiana and beyond.

At Indiana Fertility Institute, we have been creating a legacy to be proud of for over 30 years in centrally located Carmel, Indiana. We strive to help couples and individuals realize their dreams of building a family legacy of their own. 

  • Personalized Guidance and Support.

    Fertility touches all aspects of your life. We ensure that you are supported and guided through all steps of your fertility journey with a caring and approachable team of professionals.  We strive to create a family feel throughout the process, so you see you’re more than just a number.

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  • Innovative Reproductive Technology.

    As proud members of the Prelude Network, the fastest-growing network of fertility centers in the U.S., and the Fertility Providers Alliance, the doctors at Indiana Fertility Institute are passionately committed to scientific exploration and cutting-edge Advanced Reproductive Technology tailored to each patient.

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Inclusive Fertility Options.

At Indiana Fertility Institute, our modern approach to family building extends to all patients, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. Our only mission is to provide unsurpassed levels of compassion and advanced fertility care.

Making Fertility Care More Affordable

Finances shouldn’t be a barrier to fulfilling your dreams of becoming a parent. Through our partnerships with fertility financing specialists, Bundl Fertility™, LendingClub, and CapexMD, customized loan programs are available to meet your individual needs and help ease the financial stress of treatment.

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